Learn the Basics to Operate Your Skid Steer








I’m going to be talking about how to safely operate a skid steer. You always want to start off by reading your operator’s manual so you know what weight capacities your skid steer can safely lift. All the different models of skid steers have different weight capacities and you can get in a lot of trouble real quick with bodily injury and property damage if you don’t know what you’re doing and what your machine can lift. Walk around your skid steer and make sure that the wheels and bucket both look fine. Make sure your engine compartment is safely latched in the back you don’t want to start operating a machine and have the back engine hatch open up on you. In the front on the top of the bucket there are steps to put your feet on as well as the entrance to skid steer. This is where you want want to step up in the machine. There’s also handles on both sides I’d recommend always trying to use both handles to step up in the machine. Step up on the step and lift yourself up in the machine. Always have at least three points of contact. You’re gonna realize a couple things. You got joysticks on each side. These are going to control the mobility of the skid steer, foe, aft, left and right. You’re also gonna notice pedals on the bottom on the left and right. These are going to operate the bucket arm and the bucket. The pedal on the left side is going to operate your arm. On the right side is going to operate your bucket going up and down.

Make sure you take stock of everything around, you got your throttle there, and you need to adjust your seat it’s a good idea if you’re taller or shorter you want to make sure that your feet are safely and firmly on the pedals so that you can push forward and back in operation. If you can’t reach them that well you’re not going to be able to do what this machine is capable of. You got a safety belt that pulls down on the side. You have to pull that down to start the machine. It will not start without pulling down your safety belt.

For some machines there’s no key, they will be auto start. Some of them have a key. If it has a key turn it halfway first and then make your adjustments. Take your parking break off and all, but for some machine you just need to push the start button and the run button at the same time and hold.

Now that you’ve started the machine the screen is going to come up and you’ll notice that a couple things come on. The temperature gauge, the oil, the battery life, and rpm. Also on the top left side you’re going to notice there’s a readout for the amount of hours, and the gas. The traction override button is up front. That’s the next thing you want to do is press the traction override on.

Next thing you want to do is just take the parking brake off. Now you’re ready to roll. As I said before. Left foot is the bucket arm. Pull back toward your heel with the left paddle and it’s going to raise your broken arm up. Pushing the left food back down and the arm is going back down. On the right pedal push forward with your toe and that’ll push down on the bucket, back with your heel and that will raise the bucket.

For operation, the right joystick is going to control the right two wheels. Pull back for reverse. Same thing on your other side. Left is going to control the left side. You’re going to go double back if you want to go straight back. Double forward for straight forward.

Now that you know how to safety operate this make sure you still always read the owner’s manual, It’s very important. You need to know what your machine is capable of and all the little nuances that’s particular to each individual machine. When you’re done operating, put your bucket back down and put on parking brake. Paul up on the seat belt. That will lock the machine so it’s not going to go anywhere. Now even if you touch your pedals the machine is locked and it’s not going to go anywhere. Turn the machine off with the stop button and you’re all done.

Hopefully this give you some insight about operating your skid steer. I’d love to see your experiences and let me know if you think I missed something about the skid steer operation. Until next time.