Review of Kobelco SK170LC-10 Mini Excavator

When it comes to efficiency and top-notch functionalities, Japanese manufacturers rule the world. Kobelco is no different in the field of heavy machinery. The benchmark company has always been well-known for its creative design concepts and high-end products. With the ambition of capturing the North American construction market, Kobelco has recently started operating at their brand-new factory in South Carolina, and the result is the 2018 SK170LC-10 mini excavator. Contemporary ergonomic design coupled with an intuitive computer system has made this machine a must-have excavator for modern-day construction companies. But before you make a decision, let us take an in-depth dive into the features and functions of this marvel, and you can be the judge whether to give it a try.

Size and Dimensions

First of all, the size (height, width, length) and all other features have been carefully considered to meet the modern needs of the North American construction trends. It’s compact and smart design makes it easy to transport from one place to another. While parked, SK170LC-10 is only 28.4 ft. long. It also has a height of 10.1 ft. and a width of 8.5 ft., so basically it is smaller than a bus and slightly bigger than a minivan. It has an operating weight of 38,800 pounds and can dig a maximum depth of 21 ft.- not bad for a machine of this size.

Engine and Hydraulics

The 4 cylinder direct-injection turbo diesel engine that powers SK170LC-10 is made by Hino and it can produce up to 127 hp. at 2,000 rpm. The engine is also Tier-4 NAL compliant. SK170LC-10 has a tank capacity of 74 (US) gallons. The engine operates in 3 modes- Hard, Soft, and ECO (HSE). ECO mode significantly reduces fuel consumption and can operate for 113 hours on a full tank of diesel. The intuitive onboard computer shuts the engine down automatically after 60 seconds of inactivity.
The innovative and efficient hydraulic system is powered by two variable displacement pumps and one gear pump for less stress and maximum power. The filtering system is also computer controlled and can detect clogging by comparing the difference of pressure on outgoing and incoming fluids.

Operator Safety and Comfort

The SK170LC-10 also takes care of its operators who have to work in various weather conditions. The cab houses a comfortable heated seat. Air conditioning and climate control can help operators work in hot weather. Power levers are at least 25% easier to move and work with, which reduces physical exhaustion and increases precision. Coil springs underneath the cab minimize vibration, and best of all, when the door is closed, it is quiet inside. Seat belts are also provided for additional safety.


SK170LC-10 mini excavator features an easy one-stop maintenance feature. The engine compartment has been designed in such a way that an operator or mechanic can comfortably get in, do his thing, and get out easily.

Other Features

Operating SK170LC-10 has been made easy and efficient by its state-of-the-art intuitive computer systems and design. Additional to the wide field front view, there are mirrors strategically located for the operators to see everything. The rear camera is also connected to the front control panel digital display. By one look at the display, the operator would know everything about the entire excavator. From engine temperature to PM accumulations, and from hydraulic performances to maintenance schedules, everything is in front of the operator to access with the touch of a finger.

The safety, comfort, and the efficiency that modern technology offers should be taken advantage of in order to stay ahead of your game. Good things come in small packages, so I believe that SK170LC-10 mini excavator by Kobelco would be a great contributor to modern constructions.